If you are soon planning to enjoy some hydrospeed Bovec or canyoning Bovec Slovenia, you might need to get some pieces of equipment that will help you have a wonderful experience. While most renting places offer all the equipment you need, a purchase could be a good idea if you intend on doing it regularly. Here is a list of most basic pieces of equipment you will need for all kinds of water activities such as for example hydrospeed Bovec and canyoning Bovec Slovenia.

A Good Quality Neoprene Suit

A neoprene suit is a must when it comes to hydrospeed Bovec and canyoning Bovec Slovenia. Rivers like Soca are extremely cold all throughout the year, so it needs to be worn every single time. It can, however, be useful in the ocean as well, especially during colder months of the year and during scuba diving in the colder water of the deep parts of the sea.

A Strong Helmet

A helmet is probably the most important piece of equipment for water sports, especially the more adrenaline types of water sports. The more thrilling the sport, the more opportunities for accidents. A helmet can protect one’s head during a collision, in the event of hitting an object or even during an incautious fall in the water. During such events, a helmet is absolutely indispensable.

Proper Shoes

You might think you do not need shoes for such activities, but you do. Especially with canyoning, you can slip and fall at any moment, so the quality of your shoes is very important. They need to be able to prevent you from falling and keep your feet from losing too much warmth. Getting proper water shoes should be one of the priorities when buying equipment.