Bovec, Slovenia, is the perfect destination for thrill-seeking adventurers that are well used to all kinds of adrenaline activities. It offers new experiences and unforgettable activities that will attract even the seasoned veterans of extreme sports.

White water rafting

Rafting is extremely popular in Bovec, white water rafting especially. The Soca River offers the perfect course for rafting down the rapids in several spots that the local guides know well. The tours are suitable for well prepared and courageous adventurers that can keep sharp focus and pull their own when it comes to navigating the rapids and maneuvering the boat. In Bovec, white water rafting is offered by several tourism agencies that are very friendly to all visitors. They offer everything you might need on your tour, including transport, gear rental, safe storage of your clothes, and everything else.

Just keep in mind that in Bovec, white water rafting can be dangerous. That’s why the best option is to join a professionally guided tour, don’t go around exploring the rapids yourself.


For canyoning, Bovec, Slovenia, is just as attractive, maybe more. Rafting is well known and, while popular, it’s the one thing that most adventurers have already crossed off their list. This is not true for canyoning – Bovec, Slovenia, offers new and exciting experiences to all the thrill-seeking visitors wishing to find something new. Canyoning is done in narrow gorges of the River Soca’s tributaries, with loads of natural obstacles and challenging passes that will require climbing, jumping, swimming, even tobogganing down the rocks. If that’s what you seek in adrenaline canyoning, Bovec, Slovenia, can provide all that and much more. Just as with rafting, there is a well-developed offer of services and tours, while exploring the gorges on your own is not recommended.