The Soca River is ideal for all kinds of extreme sports and other adrenaline activities. Sadly, that’s why there are several fatalities each year, taking lives of tourists and locals alike. But if you take this into account and think about your safety, there are a myriad of interesting activities to be tried and unforgettable experiences to be had!

Playing it safe might include trying the most popular and established activities first – that should be rafting. Bovec is the go-to town for that, as it offers a wide selection of guided tours and everything else you’ll want and need. The tours are great for beginners and experienced adventurers alike, but in every case, there is a focus on safety and responsibility in rafting. Bovec is also the place to find safety equipment and all the information you might need. Every guided tour already includes the necessities, so there is no worry about that with rafting, Bovec will offer everything to make the experience really great.

If you’re playing it safe, you will not hesitate to try another well-organized activity on the Soca River, kayaking. Kayak is in the opinions of many even better than raft for discovering the Soca River – kayaking allows you for some extra flexibility so you can really make the most out of your time. While rafting is generally done in groups of at least four, but frequently over 20, Soca River kayaking can be a pretty solitary experience. This is desirable for most adventurers, but can also be a safety hazard as there is no immediate help and no experienced guide to prevent potential accidents. Of course, solitary Soca River kayaking is only advisable for experienced kayakers that know the river well – beginners can still choose one of the guided tours or even a kayaking school!