Some activities crucially depend on the environment. You can’t go swimming if there’s no water. That’s why it’s important to choose the perfect destination when you’re planning your adventurous vacations. One destination is outstanding in regard of opportunities for entertaining and thrilling activities. Slovenia offers countless options for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

The most developed offer can be found in Bovec, a town in the upper part of the Soca valley. The river itself is an attractive one, offering many popular activities, such as the ever-popular Soca rafting. Slovenia has more attractive rivers, but Soca is definitely the one to visit if you’re into thrilling adventures. For Soca rafting, Slovenia allows several options – you’re not limited to Bovec and the upper part of the river, but that’s still your best choice. And of course, there are other activities available as well, not just Soca rafting – Slovenia is very well developed in this regard and offers countless opportunities.

Bovec is conveniently situated, with the river flowing past and many tributaries carving perpendicular canyons. That’s why Bovec kanyoning has developed as well. The Soca River itself has some canyons, but it’s too wide and deep, it does not offer the perfect course for canyon explorers in Bovec. Kanyoning is instead organized in narrow canyons of the streams that flow from the mountains. This way, the experience is much more dynamic and interesting. You’re actually exploring the pristine canyons with many natural obstacles and other attractions. Everything can be conveniently organized from Bovec, kanyoning is relatively cheap and professionally guided, there’s no excuse.

Thrill-seekers will find even wider range of options in Bovec. There are mountains offering downhill biking, there are adrenaline parks with zip-lines and other attractions, there’s even an airport for adrenaline paragliding!