Bovec is a popular tourist destination, attracting primarily adventurers that are after new experiences in the pristine nature of the Soca valley. The core of the offer consists of popular activities that are always highly sought after, for example rafting and kayaking. But Bovec is very well developed with all kinds of other options available. After all, it has to compete with other popular destinations, especially if the town wants to attract experienced adventurers that know what they want. That’s why the town offers some unique outdoor activities, attracting visitors with the promise of once in a lifetime experiences.

One of the hot choices is Bovec canyoning. Compared to rafting and kayaking, canyoning is not that popular and consequently not as crowded. Another interesting feature of Bovec canyoning is a somewhat remote location – it is not carried out on the Soca river, as rafting and kayaking are, but instead leads down the canyons of the river’s tributaries. That’s what makes it unique, Bovec canyoning is done in the midst of the pristine nature, offering an unforgettable experience.To shake things up on the river itself, there is the option for hydrospeed. Bovec offers all kinds of vessels to take on the river, with hydrospeed being the most interesting for adventurers that are after a unique experience. Hydrospeed Bovec is an adventure like none other, as it will take you directly into the water. It’s comparable to canyoning in this regard, as both are very hands-on activities, requiring your feet to get wet. Not only feet, hydrospeed Bovec will wet your whole body, as you race down the river on a precarious manual controlled craft. Good thing you’re wearing a neoprene suit, because the water is cold and you have to be well prepared!